In unfamiliar territory, you can depend on those who have been there. At the core of DAL services are the competencies in development and subsequent deployment of smart identification solutions. DAL helped shape identification technology for the last 20 years, has created a rich development history, and provided consulting capabilities unequaled in the industry. Importantly, DAL provides the link between manufacturers and users without compromising the integrity of its "third party" objectiveness. Further, DAL can assist in the challenging task of selecting appropriate applications regarding an entity's specific identification technology needs. DAL consultants provide broader overall business and industry knowledge to assist in software product selection and technology assessments.

In addition to this core knowlege, DAL has a wealthy spectrum of related competencies such as smart cards, biometrics, embedded applet development - all within the continually progressing high-assurance framework of industry standards.

Driven by the goal to protect the rights of the individual while facilitating the identification needs of our clients, DAL can tailor solutions to meet the most challenging requirements.

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