DAL Incorporated is a privately-held progressive consulting firm with headquarters based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Advising the industry since 1980, DAL was formally founded in 1991, by Henry N. Dreifus. DAL has made a name for itself in the smart card and related industries, providing comprehensive services to global clients by identifying and implementing business solutions. DAL provides many services, including competitive market analyses and forecasts, comparative/gap analyses, complete business case analyses and execution, strategic planning, strategic partnering, technical architecture design, solutions integration, financial advising, application development and implementation strategies.

By identifying and implementing innovative, first-of-a-kind business solutions, DAL has built a strong reputation as an enabler and change agent – helping to advance the paradigms in complex digital information systems.

By virtue of its success, DAL has established extensive connectivity throughout the industry, and a comprehensive market and technology awareness that affords the company a unique position from which to analyze, develop, review, advise, manage, and implement strategies, products and processes at both strategic and operational levels.

The DAL client base consists of entrepreneurial and traditional organizations across the world, ranging from start-up companies and manufacturers, to federal governments, financial institutions, and businesses across every major economic sector. DAL services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client in a unique and distinguished manner regardless of size, scope or vertical market focus.

Each client is provided with an expert international team comprised of Advisors, Consultants, Project Managers, Analysts and Researchers. The DAL team provides excellent knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that meet and exceed client needs and expectations. This invariably involves balancing competing demands in a fast-paced industry, for which DAL selects only the best resources.